CCH statement on Gov. Pritzker’s State of the State speech

“The measure of any society is how willing we are to care for those who need us.” 

Governor Pritzker began his 2022 Budget Address and State of the State with this statement from Margaret Mead, noting that this ethos has guided him and his administration as they have governed through the ravages of the pandemic.  



Bill that would create parity for charter school students moves forward with bipartisan support

Thanks to the shared advocacy of our community, Facilitating Equity in Education for Students (FEES) (House Bill 5265) was moved out of committee with unanimous, bipartisan support on February 16. Sixty-five people submitted witness slips as proponents of the bill. HB5265 would create parity for charter school students, ensuring they have access to fee waivers like their public school counterparts.

Photo of grassroots leader April Harris, smiling from her neck up. April is quoted: “Waivers at charter schools prevent students from falling through the cracks and help students stay focused on their academics and not their current situation. It is important for students to feel that they matter and that they’re not forgotten during difficult times.”




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