Former Lower Wacker homeless couple reaches settlement with the city of Chicago

This week marks the end of our lawsuit, Smith v. City of Chicago. We secured a favorable settlement on behalf of two clients who once lived on Lower Wacker Drive, thanks in huge part to the hard work of Hughes, Socol, Piers, Resnick & Dym, Ltd., which co-counseled the case with the Law Project at CCH.

Since 2015, this is the third settlement CCH has reached with the city of Chicago over its mistreatment of homeless people who live on the street, violating the Illinois Homeless Bill of Rights. All three cases were co-counseled by CCH and the Hughes Socol law firm.


Chicago Sun-Times: Money shouldn’t decide whether a kid can walk across a graduation stage

Geneva Baggett’s family had a milestone event to look forward to this spring. Her daughter and a niece that Baggett is raising are 8th graders who will graduate next month from McKay School on the Southwest Side. The family’s excitement soon turned to dread. Baggett owed $300 for each child to cover graduation fees. She found out about it weeks ago when the children’s teacher sent home a flyer outlining the fees along with a handwritten note to “verify that these graduation fees” were owed.


CCH welcomes new staff

This May, we welcomed two new staff members to CCH’s legal and public policy staff. Arturo Hernandez returns to CCH as a staff attorney with the Law Project. He previously worked at CCH as a Public Interest Law Initiative (PILI) intern, and for a one-year law fellowship shortly before graduating from law school in 2012. Sam Carlson joins the staff as the Research and Outreach Manager, a new position that includes working in the business and faith communities.


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